Health & Wellness Plans

Our programs are personalized to your needs, schedule and goals. Through the program you will learn fundamentals of a flexible nutrition lifestyle in conjunction with progressive overload on your strength training and smart way to incorporate cardio as well. We believe in a sustainable approach that helps you lose fat and keep it off and teaches you how to couple that with muscle building or maintenance over time. It is our goal at Surrender Fitness to give you all the tools to feel empowered and confident with your training, diet, and the knowledge to maintain your successes long-term.


  • 1:1 Sessions at Fitness Systems Sawgrass (Membership required) 
  • Includes workout specific warm-ups & cool down coaching
  • Periodized functional program according to clients’ needs & goals 
  • Flexible Nutrition Guide 
  • Add-On option for extensive workout schedule/workouts  & personalized nutrition coaching 

One-on-one Personal Training – A La Carte

(1 hour per session)

How many sessions?

Transformational Personal Training Packages

(3 Month Commitment – Subscribing Saves You)

2 sessions per week (8 sessions):

  • $440 per month
  • subscription ends after 3 months

3 sessions per week (12 sessions):

  • $600 per month
  • subscription ends after 3 months

Full Coaching Add-On

3 Month Commitment – $99.00 per month or $239 upfront (Save 20%)

  • Personalized Workouts through excel or Trainerize App Platform for remainder of week
  • Personalized Macro calculations numbers or flexible nutrition coaching 
  • Optimal cardio recommendations
  • Personalized check-in sheet or visual plate check-in sheet
  • Surrender Fitness Blueprint
  • Supplement recommendations as needed
  • Sample mapping of Meal(s) per day (if needed)
  • Voxer Support Access Mon-Sat 9-5 pm
  • Weekly check-ins via email and/or phone/zoom (30 minutes)

Weekly Customized Meal Plan Add On

in collaboration with  Evolutionary Physiques

$50.00 for 1 week or $150 for 4 weeks (Save 20%)

Fill out a questionnaire and answer what your food preferences are. We will provide you with a detailed weekly meal plan based on your macros.

Commitment Length

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