Luisa Dominguez

Fitness & Flexible Nutrition Coach

I was raised in an Italian-Greek family that immigrated to Germany in the 70’s to live a better life. Food, gatherings and sharing meals with friends and family was always very important to my parents. So undoubtedly, I was raised with a love for good food (fit foodie here) which later developed into an interest for nutrition and fitness.

As a child I took ballet classes for a bit and then tried jazz ballet and playing the piano. Although, I did not pursue dance as an adult, I discovered my love for working out in my early 20’s when I got my first gym membership. At that time I remember taking back to back aerobics and step classes. Later in my early 30’s weight training finally peaked my interest after getting my Personal Training Certification. Throughout that time I always struggled with body image, being chubby growing up and having an obsession with the scale and food. I didn’t understand then how a combination of good nutrition, exercise and coaching would be the key to a balanced and sustainable lifestyle for me. Around 2009, I left a then abusive first marriage, packed two car loads of stuff and started a new life from the ground up. At that scary time working out really became my anchor to healing and getting over that ugly but also necessary period. Acceptance and Forgiveness are super important…

Between 2012 and 2013, I was courageous enough to enter various amateur figure competitions and even placed 3rd on two occasions! I never thought that a once chubby kid (who was called Miss Piggy) like myself, and who was always only mediocre in sports could step on stage and look pretty great for putting in the hard work. BUT, it did happen and I was hooked forever to the surrendering process of a fit lifestyle.

It’s been life changing since then! The quality of life I enjoy in my 40’s is the best yet and I strive to pass on my knowledge to others. No more stress about clothing sizes or numbers on the scale because I am in control of my balanced life and loving myself in every season. I work hard in doing what makes me feel complete and because I want to set the example for others. I truly love to see my clients experience a change and get that AHA moment in their life like it did for me as well.



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